What Works

When a client utilizes a Case Interactive trusted advisor, they are embracing a professional headhunting service that will strategically dig out the talent from competitors as well as sell your company to prospective candidates. Representing your company properly requires a deep understanding of your business, not only what you do, but why a prospective candidate would want to work for you and select your organization over another in the industry.

Our senior staff is capable of doing this, unlike many of the “Rookie” or “Offshore Recruiters” who rely on outdated methods such as blast email spamming to hundreds of unqualified recipients based solely off of a keyword search. These behaviors have severely damaged and soured the “psyche” of the candidate pool. The top notch candidates don’t post their resumes on job boards anymore. They simply don’t want to be hassled by the vast majority of average recruiters, many of whom they cannot even understand as they ramble in poor English. Most of the solicitations are coming from a Magic-Jack phone number outside US borders. Clients and candidates deserve better than this.

Today’s market requires trusted advisors who have a network in place and know where the talent is hiding out. This successful, proven approach is what we guarantee when working with a Case Interactive advisor.

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