Human Resources
Every recruiting advisor at Case Interactive is trained in our unique, professional, advisory-driven methodology. We’re experienced professionals, who, even after hiring a recruiter from another firm, subjects that person to our tried and true educational program.

Every recruiter at Case Interactive works with both clients and candidates. We all “run a desk” and are actively engaged in the nuances of the business and are aware of changes in the marketplace firsthand. Unlike many large firms with international brand equity, we’ve removed non-productive layers of management from our business. The same way a Big-4 firm keeps its partners engaged with clients, we keep our people, even our senior-most advisors, actively involved in the business of recruiting.

Every new advisor is trained by the Founder and President of the company, and the lineage of his training in the business ties directly back to members who are still with the firm. If this process didn’t work, it wouldn’t have withstood the test of 20+ years. There’s a reason we’re intimately involved in our client’s business – and that reason is simply because it works.

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