Today, unprecedented changes are transforming every aspect of how people work and how companies hire. Our mission is to provide staffing solutions specifically designed to meet the unique challenges these changes have for your company. Case Interactive offers a consultative approach to help you deal with the challenges of recruiting, staff upgrades, organizational change and temp labor.

You form a partnership with Case Interactive to solve problems, meet growth demands and control staffing cost while improving efficiency.”

Our mission is to offer our clients a best in class suite of professional services and to provide the most qualified candidates for your critical staffing needs. We strive to build a close partnership with each client and to provide quality, cost effective
staffing solutions for all of your IT/Computer Engineering, Engineering, Supply Chain/Procurement and Human Resources needs.

Since 1998 Case Interactive has provided best-in-class IT/Computer Engineering, Engineering, Supply Chain/Procurement and Human Resources to Fortune 1000 clients.”

The economic landscape of the information age is creating a new reality for many businesses. There is simply not enough superior talent to go around. Recruiting this diminished supply is more difficult and expensive than ever. The inability to fill open positions is one of the most often cited reasons for businesses missing key deliverables and deadlines. Remaining employees are pushed to the limit as they make up for workforce shortages.

Case Interactive is a world-class management consulting firm specializing in strategic staffing. Case Interactive offers innovative and proven solutions to help companies compete and win in today’s competitive talent marketplace.”

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