What Sets Us Apart?

Empire State Building

In a business, that is crowded by spammers pitching jobs that aren’t remotely close to what top job seekers want (we’ve all received these emails), and, that is diluted by people working out of an office somewhere off-shore hiding behind an Anglicized name and a Magic-Jack phone number, we set ourselves apart by actually sourcing candidates based on our deep industry knowledge and far-reaching network of referrals. It’s simply unwise to get involved in a business you don’t really understand. In order to operate it properly, you need to be a student of it. And we are genuine students of this business.

Solicitous, unqualified emails and fake names just don’t cut it. Hiring managers want to know that we know our business and that we’re first and foremost customer service oriented, which is actually how a premium service business should operate. Staffing isn’t a commodity despite its appearance. If an enterprise’s most important assets are its people, how can the selection, vetting and placement of those assets be treated like the selling or buying of a basket of apples?

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